Mahlkönig X54 Allround Prosumer Coffee Grinder

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Mahlkönig X54 Allround Prosumer Coffee Grinder

The long awaited X54 is finally here!


Even with the best home coffee machine, it’s impossible to achieve the balance, complexity and nuance of barista-brewed coffee without fresh, expertly-ground beans. With technology attained from almost 100 years of professional coffee grinding, the X54 brings the complete coffee shop experience home to you.

One intelligent coffee grinder for all brewing methods:

Intuitively navigate through 35 grind settings from the finest espresso to coarse French press. Whether you’re brewing aeropress, v60, filter or chemex - the X54 ensures a balanced brew every time. Gently grinding your favourite beans from 1000 down to 200 microms, it’s the only coffee grinder you’ll ever need.

Easy-to-use professional cafe technology that’s built to last:

Pour 500g of your favourite beans into the unbreakable hopper, select from your preset favrourite brews, or switch to manual grinding mode to fine-tune your perfect cup of coffee for years to come. The X54 allows you to switch from espresso to filter grinding with the press of a button; simply replace the portafilter support with the perfectly-fitted stainless steel cup to collect your grounds.

Let the family sleep in while you soak up the serenity in style:

Not only does the X54 avoid the messy clutter of multiple grinders, it also has a self-adjusting magnetic drip tray that’s perfectly positioned and easily detached to keep your kitchen clean. Grinding your beans below 70bB(A), the X54 is acoustically engineered to ensure every coffee break is a peaceful experience.

Product features:

  • Allround grind size scale with step-less adjustment for precise grind settings to fit many brewing methods, from fine espresso to coarse French press
  • 54 mm special steel burrs for even particles and a top taste experience
  • Easily swappable fronts for on-demand filter or espresso grinding
  • Premium multifunctional LED display with 4 timer presets and manual mode
  • Multifunctional push-& turn button
  • Durable motor with a lifetime of more than 25.000 shots
  • Optimised acoustics for a grinding sound below 70 dB(A)
  • Bean hopper with enhanced durability

Included equipment:

Stainless steel Mahlkönig cup, 2 swappable fronts for grinding either into the cup or into a portafilter. (*)Depends on the grinding goods and the chosen degree of fineness. All measured values under laboratory conditions.

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          Mahlkönig X54 Allround Prosumer Coffee Grinder

          Mahlkönig X54 Allround Prosumer Coffee Grinder